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Vanuatu 2025

Embark on an unforgettable underwater adventure in Vanuatu, where stunning reefs, diverse marine life, famous shipwrecks and the warm hospitality of White Grass Ocean Resort awaits you.


Come explore and island hop around Vanuatu with us!

Vanuatu is made up of 83 islands and is world-renowned for its diving. Whether you’re interested in beautiful corals, large fish or incredible historic wrecks, Vanuatu offers divers a wealth of incredible experiences.

The huge caverns and drop-offs, abundance of marine life, beautiful bright corals, stunning sea fans, as well as its world-famous wrecks have all helped in giving Vanuatu its incredible underwater reputation.

Vanuatu is also one of the best places for divers to see dugongs, many divers travel here in hopes of seeing these timid and gentle creatures. With so many incredible experiences waiting for you both on land and underwater you will fall in love with Vanuatu.

This trip will have it all, so don’t miss out and join on!

Location: Lenakel, Vanuatu

Dates: TBC

Duration: TBC

Diving: Boat and shore diving for all levels of experience

Accommodation: TBC

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White Grass Ocean Resort on Tanna Island lies in the blue waters of the South Pacific and is one of the southern most islands of the Vanuatu archipelago.


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